See You In The Spring!

October 31st, 2014

It’s looking chilly outside, you have your coat on along with your: hat, gloves, scarf, long socks, second layer of fuzzy socks, and snow boots… Inside I might add. That’s only because you’ve become accustomed to our nice summer, in a few weeks you’ll be used to it. As for us though, the last time we offered some gourmet ice cream to someone around winter time here, we were not met with warm regards.

Mitchell’s Ice Cream will be closed for the season as of November 2nd. We are going to follow summer around a little, and just be bundled up somewhere warm to thinking up flavor of the month ideas. Not to worry though, if you need your ice cream fix our flavors will still be available on grocery shelves near you. The second Chicago is craving some ice cold refreshment; we will be back, up and running. So until we see you again, enjoy the holidays, stay warm and don’t miss us too much!


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